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Giving What We Can for People of Faith

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3 Nov 2015

Giving What We Can is a secular organisation, but it welcomes people from all backgrounds, including people for whom faith is a part of their lives. Religious members of Giving What We Can often see their pledge as part of their commitment to model their life on the teachings of their faith. People from a range of religions, denominations and traditions have taken the Giving What We Can pledge — a few have shared their stories below.

If you would like to talk about the pledge with other religious members, please contact Francesca.

Stories from religious Giving What We Can members


Is there a faith-based community within Giving What We Can?

Yes! There are religious Giving What We Can members and effective altruists from around the world, who enjoy and active online community as well as local meet ups.

Please contact Francesca to be put in touch.

What about giving to my church/mosque/temple/religious community or evangelical organisations?

Giving to churches or charities focused primarily on evangelism does not count toward Giving What We Can's 10% pledge. Some religious members choose to give to these charities in addition to their pledge.

Can I give to faith-based international development charities (e.g. Christian Aid)?

The pledge commits you to give the charity you believe will do the most good in the world. If you believe that a Christian international development charity will do the most good, giving to that charity would fulfil your pledge. We ask you to think carefully about which charity uses your money most effectively to make the world a better place, and consider the recommendations and advice provided by organisations like Giving What We Can.

Currently none of the Giving What We Can recommended charities are directly faith based. However, the founders of GiveWell-recommended charity GiveDirectly — have said that they are strongly motivated by their faith.