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Announcement – the September Internship Programme

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19 Feb 2013

Giving What We Can is offering a 2-week internship programme this September in Oxford, and it promises to be a productive and exciting time for all involved! Including us, the organisers. We are looking forward to this get-together with you smart, motivated people out there!


This September, we will welcome 20 to 25 interns who will get involved in Giving What We Can’s activities on all levels. Last year, the interns worked in small teams that transformed our website, helped with the legal side of things in registering GWWC as a charity in the UK and overseas, and conducted research that impacted the ways our members choose to donate 10% of their income.

It’s hard to describe how cool this is without using too many superlatives. But think about it like this: you get to put your knowledge, skills, and deep thoughts to work, and your findings have a direct impact by saving more lives. Talk about meaningful work.

So we are offering an internship that will be a chance for you to make the world better. In fact it will make it a lot better, and measurably so. That is the main idea behind Giving What We Can, and it’s a simple and powerful one.

In addition to doing good, you get to spend two weeks in the rather pretty town of Oxford and to work closely with like-minded people (and nice people, too, if I may say so myself). Giving What We Can is a new and young organisation, just as it is fast-paced and ambitious. We don’t have a daily routine, but rather work on quickly evolving projects that will require your full dedication and all the hidden talents you may have.

So what exactly are we looking for? Check out the job specification and requirements here. Most of all, we need you to be motivated, responsible, and so idealistic that you can’t stand still until see your ideas having a tangible impact on the world.

Watch this blog for more information about the internship. We will try to give you a sense of the kind of work you will be doing. As I said, there is no typical day at GWWC, but we will tell you some more about the things last year’s interns did and what they achieved.

Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to reading your application!