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With your donation we can make progress on some of the world's most pressing problems

Global health

Improving the lives of people in low-income countries

We can improve and save the lives of people in low-income countries all over the world

Animal welfare

Improving animal welfare and protecting wild animals

We can reduce animal suffering in factory farms and protect animals living in the wild


Safeguarding the longterm future of humanity

We can prevent global catastrophies and make our world more resilient to existential threats

Why our global community donates

Learn why our global community of givers from around the world donate

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When I first learned about Giving What We Can, I remember feeling so relieved that there were all these other people out there who were not just thinking about what we can do for others, but were taking concrete action on that.

Julia Wise

Julia Wise


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I'm very lucky to have been raised in a very privileged environment, where I have a high income and I do have some that I can give away.

So as a result of that, I just started researching what are some of the most effective places to give my money to get the biggest bang for my buck, and I came across effective giving and Giving What We Can.

Akhil Bansal

Akhil Bansal


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